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Zepp Z Is A Stylish Smartwatch You Can Afford

Chinese digital health company Zepp announced several new wearables earlier today, with the star of its online product event being the Zepp Z, a sleek-looking smartwatch that punches way above its weight in terms of both functionality and design.

At $349.99, this device is advertised as a modern smartwatch that you can afford

With the focus of its user interface and capabilities being managing and keep track of one’s health in a convenient manner.

To do that, the Zepp Z will depend on your ability to pair it with a smartphone, but the good news is that it works with pretty much any such device that you are likely to be using as your daily driver. It features an always-on display that, paired with some of its first-party watchface designs, will make it a rather inconspicuous device that you can’t really tell apart from a traditional timepiece unless you know what you are looking for.

That’s largely due to its high-fidelity, 326ppi display capable of reproducing 100% of the NTSC wide-spectrum color gamut that can easily play the role of a mechanical watch. The device is already available for pre-orders as of today and will start shipping to U.S. customers by early December.

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