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Xiaomi Debuts World’s Fastest (80W) Smartphone Wireless Charger

The smartphone charging race has been one of the more entertaining competitions that the consumer electronics industry delivered over the last couple of years. The latest development in this constantly changing segment comes from Beijing, where Xiaomi managed to prototype the world’s fastest wireless charger.

The innovation in question baffles with its unmatched support of an 80W charging standard. In more practical terms, this combination of a wireless charger and coil sitting above a generic smartphone motherboard can top up a 4,000mAh battery from 0 to 100% in only 19 minutes, Xiaomi claims.

Of course, that figure is based on laboratory testing in ideal conditions which are almost impossible to reproduce in real-world scenarios. Yet that doesn’t exactly make it much less impressive. Especially since it was barely a few weeks since Xiaomi also made wired charging history with a 120W system implemented into the Mi 10 Ultra flagship whose 4,500mAh battery was hence doing zero-to-hero in some 23 minutes.

As for the wireless coil at hand, it takes no more than a minute to bring a dead battery up to a 10% level. Likewise, its average halfway mark is hit in about eight minutes. Unlike the 120W tech mentioned above, however, this prototype does not appear to be particularly close to any mass-consumer market right now.

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