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Concrete Jungle Where EVs Are Made Of: NYC Cabs Now Include Tesla Model 3s

Your daily reminder that there is nothing quite like the Big Apple anywhere else in the world is here, this time in the form of reports detailing the very first sightings of Tesla Model 3s strolling around the streets of New York City while sporting a metallic finish in a rather familiar-looking yellow hue.

Namely, it would appear we have our very first Tesla owners among NYC cabbies. At a base price of just under $40,000 and with little in the way of electricity consumption costs to speak of, the Model 3 certainly doesn’t appear to be the worst choice of a taxi vehicle intended to crawl through the ever-crowded streets of the Concrete Jungle.

Then again, with Tesla’s Model 3 waiting list not getting any shorter this year, not to mention the relative lack of tourist activity, the timing of this sighting is at least slightly befuddling. Especially since the good ol’ Internet is already rife with calculations showing how a Model Y and even a Model X are a better overall choice for a taxi vehicle.

Ultimately, however, the first NYC cabbie driving a Model 3 was probably waiting for their EV since last year and was angling for this very head-turning factor that we happen to be admiring at this very moment. With that said, the possibility of this sighting being the beginning of a wider near-term trend is dubious at best and frivolous if we are being real.

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