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Microsoft announces the Xbox Series X|S Wireless Headset

Microsoft announced its first-party accessory for the Xbox Series X|S that didn’t come out the same time as the console.

How much will this pricier gaming segment headset cost?

Surprising the whole industry (by keeping this a secret up until now), Microsoft announced yesterday the release of its Xbox Wireless Headset. This could present the start of the second wave of Microsoft’s accessories for the new generation of Xbox, and the pre-orders are already opened. The headset will cost $99 USD, and it will be available on February 16. Although Xbox Series X|S consoles attracted much attention and recorded market shortage, the same issue isn’t expected when it comes to accessories.

Microsoft, on the other hand, shouldn’t lose its sleep worrying about the sales of the newest headset, since its gadgets are quite valued on the market. Microsoft learned its job on the surface line – first with tablets/hybrids, then with everything else, including headphones. Xbox Wireless Headset can reach up to 15 hours of battery life and has dual beamforming microphone elements thanks to which it focuses on the speech audio and not the surrounding sound. It connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.2 and offers support for almost all relevant 3D sound technologies.