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Sony Launches New Camera Grip And Wireless Speaker In The U.S.

You know your tech means business when its very name says “serious.” Or something close to that. Anyway, the Sony SRS-WS1 Immersive Wearable Speaker is now widely available for purchase the United States following a brief period of limited retail availability in December.

It is joined by the GP-VPT2BT, a new portable camera grip designed for a wide variety of filmmaking scenarios Sony made the announcement earlier today, noting that both devices are targeting cinema aficionados and customers with a vested interest in powering highly immersive entertainment experiences. The WS1 is quite literally a speaker that you are supposed to wear.

On your shoulders, to be exact

Doing so will provide you with a level of surround audio Sony says cannot be emulated using any other more convenient audio setup. Naturally, this is the type of tech that is just ripe for being outclassed by something much smaller and convenient further down the road, but that future may not be as close as one might have wanted.

In the meantime, the SRS-WS1 will set you back $299.99 plus applicable sales tax. Whereas the GP-VPT2BT camera grip has an MSRP of $140 and will be available for purchase from all of the company’s stateside distributors by the end of January.

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