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Samsung Removes Ads from Its Applications

Many people are annoyed by those pesky ads showing every time to open some (or better to say – most) applications. However, there is a difference in delivering them, so while some show from time to time, other applications show them each time we click something. Some users are so frustrated that they decide to delete the whole application! So Samsung, as one of the leaders in the global application market, decided to stop this practice.

Earlier this month, this company confirmed it would remove ads from its primary, pre-installed applications like Samsung Weather, Samsung Themes and Samsung Pay. This news came from South Korea, and for now, it is not exactly clear if this practice will take place only in this country or globally. Ads are supposed to be removed by One UI software updates, but it is still unknown if they will happen gradually or in the next big update.

Android operating system often pushes annoying ads after the user downloads some application from the Google Play application store, and sometimes overloaded web pages look even more messy and annoying. However, there are Android hacks that can help you remove those ads and let you wander through the wilderness of the Internet more freely and carelessly.

Later This Year

Many things are still not clear with this news, so the exact date. However, some information says everything will be ready by the end of the year. One source from Samsung stated for the newspapers: ‘Our priority is to deliver innovative mobile experiences for our consumers based on their needs and wants. We value feedback from our users and continue our commitment to provide them with the best possible experience from our Galaxy products and services. Therefore, the update will be ready by later this year.’

Enjoyable Experience

Since Samsung is one of the core players in the gadget market, its decisions can make a difference in our lives and influence other global players in this field. The company decided that users’ enjoyable experience is more valuable than the money earned from ads.

This change will be an excellent step for most of Samsung’s popular applications since it will make it much easier to use them. Nobody will have to make anything shady to get rid of ads or switch to other, similar applications with the same functionality. The phone’s essential apps will look clean and neat and will function well.

Win-win Option

This shocking announcement seems like a win-win option both for the company and its users. We have already noted what it will bring to users, but how will it help Samsung itself?! Even though this is still a huge company, things are not goldy as before. For example, Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has been eating a considerable part of Samsung’s business, and this brand has already pushed ads from most of their primary applications. Also, Samsung has already put a lot of effort into a more extended software update policy, meaning most of its gadgets should last longer, plus frequent security updates. The company decided to fight, and all this seems like an excellent way to go!