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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Now Available To Buy In The U.S.

Samsung’s latest Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab A7, is now available to buy in the United States, the company’s American arm announced earlier today. The device in question is a mid-ranger in nearly every sense of that word, though it does decently at trying to hide that fact.

As a result, it features a modernized design with somewhat thin bezels, at least relative to the previous generation of the very same product family. Dolby Atmos support is on board as well, as is a 10.4-inch display contained within a slim, 7mm body that treads new ground in terms of portability, at least at this mid-range level of performance.

Of course, the Galaxy Tab A7 will be looking to rival Apple’s iPad Air series, and it might be a tough sell over any of those for the time being. Especially given the incoming arrival of the fourth-generation iPad Air models that promise a modernized design and improved performance over the previous models, which would address the latter’s two biggest shortcomings over a modern Android tablet in the vein of the Galaxy Tab A7.

Regardless, Samsung’s new slate is priced quite competitively as you can already order it for just $229.99, with shipments and in-store sales being scheduled to begin on October 8th.

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