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Razer Blade 17 Gaming Notebook Launches In The U.S.

The Razer Blade 17 is how Razer is calling its latest high-performance Windows laptop, officially unveiled for the United States earlier today. This is a new edition of the most popular laptop lineup from Razer to date, which refers to the 17-inch display category.

As that tends to be the most popular combination of screen real estate and portability among consumers interested in no-compromise ultrabooks, highly compact computers that are still suitable for carrying around without much effort. The Razer Blade 17 uses Intel’s 8-core i7 processor line up to the 10th-generation i7-10875H CPU.

It pairs this processor powerhouse with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics card in its most expensive configuration, as well as a 17.3-inch display offering an insane, 300Hz refresh rate, also courtesy of the said NVIDIA tech. Of course, don’t expect a 300Hz refresh rate from any 4K mode, but 4K 120Hz functionality isn’t anything to scoff at – we are still talking about a laptop, after all.

Now, for the worst part – the fact that this thing, in all its high-tech glory, will indeed cost an arm and a leg to acquire. Razer already confirmed U.S. pricing starts at $2,599.99, and that is before any sales tax you might be required to pay.

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