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Qulacomm Unveils Next-Gen Reference Design For Wireless Earbuds

Qualcomm is hoping to facilitate the adoption of its latest and greatest wireless audio technologies with its newest reference design for one such product, called the QCC5141. That name does not exactly roll off the tongue, but it isn’t meant to, anyway, this is something aimed at consumer electronics manufacturers and not the mainstream market.

That does make it a good look at the future of such products, however. Almost three out of four U.S. consumers want to be completely free of wires when it comes to audio, according to recent market data, and that is what Qualcomm is trying to promote with its newest wireless technologies such as the FastConnect system announced earlier this year.

The QCC5141 reference design is based on the company’s new Bluetooth audio system-on-chip of the same name which is meant to be both the brains and the storage of modern wireless audio solutions as small as earbuds in the vein of the AirPods and Galaxy Buds from Apple and Samsung, respectively.

Though it is still too early to say who will be making use of the said SoC from Qualcomm as the company still isn’t naming any names for the time being. That should change come spring, however.

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