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Oculus Quest 2 System Apps Updated With 90Hz Support

Oculus began rolling out a new update to the Oculus Quest 2 firmware that enables a variety of new features, introduces some key changes, and fixes a bunch of other stuff at once.

At the front and center of this software upgrade is system-wide support for 90Hz refresh rates which should deliver a substantial improvement to the overall user experience associated with the VR headset. The gadget technically supported 90Hz rendering from day one, but that was not the case for all of its system apps such as Expore, Store, Browser, and Oculus TV.

In fact, Facebook’s subsidiary was rather coy in talking about this feature prior to the headset’s October release, so this is more like them making good on their original promise instead of introducing a completely new functionality to the Quest 2. Some of the games that support 90Hz VR displays include Superhot, Beat Saber, Job Simulator, Echo VR, Space Pirate Trainer, and Racket: NX.

More such titles are promised to follow in the very near future as developers are still scrambling to update their games with 90Hz support. In the meantime, Oculus Link has been updated to allow for switching across 72Hz, 80Hz, and 90Hz mode directly from your Windows PC, depending on the exact level of performance your rig allows for.

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