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U.S.-Bound Nreal Light Is The Most Stylish Pair Of AR Glasses Yet

It took a while for Nreal to find its feet following its impressive debut at CES 2020 back in January. Which is hardly something to hold against the augmented reality startup seeing how even much more experienced companies have been tripping over themselves for the majority of this wild rollercoaster of a year.

Thankfully, the company’s first commercial product, a pair of AR glasses simply called the Light, is now on the verge of releasing in a number of major markets, including the United States. Before coming to North America, however, the headset will debut much closer to Nreal’s HQ in Beijing, China.

As the gadget will first be releasing in South Korea on the 21st of August. The consumer version of the futuristic device will then arrive to the U.S. on the very last day of August, priced at $499. There is also another, enterprise-focused model that’s in the works, though that one will set its corporate owners back $1,200 a piece.

Either way, the Nreal Light looks like a legitimate contender for the title of the most stylish-looking pair of AR glasses (or AR-anything, really) to date. Though its functionality is as dubious as that of any other AR gadget we have seen so far, this thing at the very least looks impeccable. To the point we’d have no trouble believing this was an Apple product if we didn’t know better.

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