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Nokia 3650 rumored for a 2021 reboot

The next Nokia phone might not be a smartphone, as new industry rumors suggest the iconic Nokia 3650 is getting rebooted this year.

What about the ‘new’ Nokia 3310?

HMD Global, the current owner of the Nokia Mobile brand, has been rebooting popular feature phones from the Finnish manufacturer since 2017. Its first attempt at doing so was also its most successful, by far. This shouldn’t be surprising, given how that move brought back the beloved Nokia 3310. The meme-level status this phone enjoyed has also been fueling its sales. While it’s unlikely that a new Nokia 3650 could mirror that kind of success, HMD management previously went on record to claim the company isn’t done remaking its classics just yet.

As for the original device, the Nokia 3650 debuted in 2003, aka the VGA mobile camera era. While its design wasn’t as iconic as that of the Nokia 3310 or some of the later rivals, the look of the phone is hardly set in stone. The same goes for its feature set, so assuming this rumor is legitimate, you can at the very least expect a capable browser, 4G LTE connectivity, and excellent battery life. The Nokia 3650 reboot would follow HMD’s attempts at revisiting the Nokia 8110, 2720, 5310, and 6300, on top of the aforementioned 3310.