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Nikon D6 DSLR Now Available To Buy In The U.S.

The Nikon D6 is very likely to be the final truly flagship, hardcore DSLR camera from the Japanese company. As mirrorless cameras are already close to matching DSLRs in the rare few remaining segments in which they haven’t already done so or even surpassed them. But in the meantime, this one last absolute unit of a camera is now available for purchase throughout the United States and Canada, Nikon had announced in a prepared statement circulated earlier in the morning.

The recommended retail pricing of the Nikon D6 remains unchanged

Sitting at an imposing $6,499.95. That’s a body-only figure, mind you. Though no one who might actually need one of these bad boys will be surprised to learn that Nikon has not even bothered coming up with anything resembling a starter pack for the D6.

The body will hence retail on its own for the time being, as buying one also means you’re the kind of photographer who wouldn’t use any lens with a mention a dreaded “kit” in its name for anything besides perhaps putting it out of its mysery by gouging out its crippled insides and repurposing the remaining outer shell into a hot beverage canister. So, yeah, the Nikon D6 means business.

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