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Motorola Teases New Mobile Tech Catering To Photographers, Gamers

As a subsidiary of Lenovo, Motorola could have hardly missed this year’s Lenovo Tech World, even as the circumstances outside of both companies’ control forced the show into an online-only format.

Fortunately, we were treated to plenty of intriguing announcements and teasers that made us forget about the less stellar things about this year, if only for a moment. Motorola, itself, played an important role in this achievement.

Because the company’s Lenovo Tech World camera revolved around teasing a whole group of new innovations and curiosities that it has in the works instead of focusing on any single thing, which is a strategy that always runs a significant risk of ending in accusations of gimmick-peddling.

That wasn’t the case this time around, though Motorola’s showing did have a strong debut, centering on enhanced video capture capabilities that it plans to start rolling out to its existing devices in the very near future, raising the bar in teleconferencing at a pretty convenient time for that to happen.

It went on to confirm a feature meant to project modern Android games to TV screens with no noticeable latency with the goal of enabling console-like entertainment experiences, then moved on to promises about even better multitasking support based on a new split-screen mode it has in the works.

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