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Motorola Edge Turns To Gamers In Surprising Marketing Shift

A Motorola smartphone not branded as a Moto device is a rare sight in this day and age. One that actually ends up releasing in the United States through the official channels is an even rarer breed. But, those to combined with public attempts at courting mobile gamers? What is going on this year?

Wait, don’t answer that, let us just focus on the claim at hand, which is that the Motorola Edge is a fantastic gaming smartphone well above any arbitrary baseline for such devices that most consumers could think of. It’s easy to dismiss this as just catch-all marketing, but of all the claims Motorola could have made about the Edge, it opted for a claim that this thing is “the perfect mobile gaming device.”

This, at the very least, constitutes a notable shift in the firm’s marketing strategy that has so far mostly been focused on playful designs and highlighting how much of a punch its devices pack for their comparatively low prices. It was only some three years back that the now-discontinued modular Moto Z devices were treated to a standalone gamepad holster, so perhaps Motorola is once again rediscovering its love of video games with the Moto Edge and this is a start of a larger trend.

Time will tell, as always.

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