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Microsoft Introduces Holiday 2020 Lineup Of Surface Devices

Microsoft today announced a new lineup of Surface devices, having done so just ahead of the holiday season. That timing is notable because there’s hardly a better period of the year for trying to sell any product, least of all a luxury good, and especially in a first-world country like the U.S.

Enter Surface Laptop Go, the new addition to the Surface family that has the most potential to do well in the coming weeks, sales-wise. As you might suspect, that’s because we are not looking at a $2,000 device that this series isn’t short of.

Instead, the Surface Laptop Go is meant to offer an optimal combination of price and performance, having been designed as a capable and well-rounded mid-ranger that starts at $549.99. Which is a pretty commendable price point, especially since Microsoft is (obviously) selling this thing with Windows 10 pre-installed.

If you expect a somewhat more demanding audience, however, a second-generation Surface Pro X is also part of today’s announcement and can already be ordered directly from Microsoft, starting at $1499.99. Additionally, some half a dozen first-party Surface accessories are also being introduced today, led by the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard and 4K Wireless Display Adapter, going for $69.99 each.

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