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HP Continues Cord-Cutting With New Omen Gaming Peripherals

Hewlett Packard appears to be planning to end the summer on a high note, as the iconic computer manufacturer today announced a an entire array of new PC gaming peripherals, the majority of which appear to have been designed around the concept of cord-cutting. Not in the sense of ditching cable TV but literal cables traditionally used by mice, keyboards, headphones, etc.

This new wave of product announcements all boasts support for Warp Wireless, which is how HP is calling its cord-less platform designed for freedom of movement and a clean aesthetic. Of course, wireless gadgets are hardly a novelty and HP itself has been releasing such devices for years by now, at least on a smaller scale.

Lately, however, the company feels the tech, including its own proprietary Warp Wireless standard, became good enough to warrant a more serious foray into the world of cordless experiences, whether in the context of casual gaming or even competitive esports. To that effect, HP is hoping to intrigue you this fall with devices like the OMEN Spacer Wireless TLK Keyboard, Omen Vector Wireless Mouse, and the OMEN Frequency Wireless Headset.

All three will be hitting the U.S. market in the weeks ahead, starting at $99 for the mouse and going up to $169 for the said headset (or $10 less for the keyboard).

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