How to Surf the Web on a PS5

At this point in time, Sony isn’t offering a web browsing app on the PS5. Unlike other console releases that the company has had, the app doesn’t come standard, and there is no option to download an app from the Playstation Network, or PSN. For many people, this seems to be a warning that the system isn’t able to be modified or jailbroken.

However, this simply wasn’t the case. A web browser is able to be accessed on the PS5, and you just have to know how to do it. gave us a basic understanding on how to access the internet browser on PS5, and today we’re going to show you our twist on the method.

Accessing a Web Browser on the PS5

The below steps are going to explain to PS5 users how a web browser can be accessed, even without an official application. This will enable access to websites across the internet.

Step 1: Access the Settings menu

This is going to be located at the top left of the PS5’s home screen.

Step 2: Locate and open the User’s Guide

The User’s Guide is located under the User’s Guide, Health and Safety, and Other Information section in the Settings menu.

The User’s Guide is a web page that users are taken to in a web browser. However, the application that opens the User’s Guide doesn’t allow users to navigate to other web pages.

Step 3: Navigate to the hyperlink

This hyperlink takes you to Playstation’s Help website. On the website, you’ll find several different links.

Step 4: Select any one of the 6 links below the Search bar

Any one of these links should work. Each of the links leads to another Help section web page that has a YouTube video embedded into it.

Step 5: Play the YouTube video, and travel to the YouTube website

When the YouTube video begins to play, a link will appear in the bottom right corner of the video, allowing you to travel to the main YouTube website when clicked. YouTube will ask you to sign in, which you can ignore. However, you do have to agree to their service terms and conditions.

Step 6: Click the “Share” button on the YouTube video and “Share to Reddit”

By sharing the video to Reddit, the browser will redirect you to Reddit’s website. You’ll be asked to login to Reddit. When doing so, select the “Continue with Google” option that you are given.

Step 7: Select the Privacy hyperlink at the bottom of the page

When you’re redirected to the Google sign-in page, there will be links at the bottom of the page. Select the link labeled Privacy.

Step 8: Select the Google Privacy and Terms link in the top left corner of the page

The Privacy hyperlink navigates you to Google’s Privacy and Terms page. The next step is to navigate to the Privacy and Terms homepage by clicking the logo/ link in the top left corner of the page.

Step 9: Click the link to Google at the bottom of the page

At the bottom of Google’s Privacy and Terms homepage, there will be a hyperlink labeled Google. Clicking this link takes you to the Google homepage.

Step 10: Use the Google Search box to navigate to other websites

By searching for websites using Google, you’ll be able to travel to them. The browser will function similarly to a web browser application, with the exception of the fact that you can’t use the address bar.

Things to Remember

This is not the official Playstation 5 web browser app. As such, you cannot navigate to any website you’d like by typing it in. Instead, the process requires you to navigate the links above and then use Google to search for the websites you’d like to visit.

On the other hand, this also means that you have to navigate back to Google to be able to visit a new website if you plan to. It may be a good idea to search for specific web pages within the website you’re visiting, especially if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time on the web page. Then, to get back to Google, you’ll have to go through the same steps listed above.

Does Sony Plan on Releasing an Official Web Browser App for the PS5?

If the system settings indicate anything, then an official web browser app is in the cards for the PS5. Under the menu titled System, there is an option that toggles settings for the web browser. As such, it’s likely that a native web browser is being developed.