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HMD Pledges To Bring More 5G Nokia Smartphones To The U.S.

HMD Global will start bringing a proportionally larger volume of its new Nokia smartphone models to the United States, the company announced in a prepared statement issued just earlier in the day. The main focus point of the partnership will be 5G. That is to day: 5G smartphones, something HMD’s R&D department has been working on quite intensively in recent years.

The company itself revived the Nokia Mobile brand in 2017 after former owner Microsoft exited the investment. But up until now, it hasn’t released that many devices in the U.S. At least not officially, though importing them was never too big of a challenge seeing how many EU retailers are still more than happy to ship internationally via Amazon.

Either way, it would appear at least half a dozen or more Nokia Android smartphones compatible with 5G networks will be releasing stateside in the immediate future. To that end, the company just secured a massive $230 million investment from major tech industry names such as Google and Qualcomm. The Finnish Nokia also participated in the round, HMD said in today’s press release.

Moving forward, the company will try to establish a relationship with wireless carriers across the country instead of just selling unlocked units via Amazon and similar storefronts.

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