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Hey, Google (Assistant) Now Allows You To Voice-Control Android Apps

Google today announced a notably deeper integration of its artificial intelligence mobile helper – Google Assistant – into the Android operating system, on the whole. To the effect that you are now able to voice-control countless Android apps, even if they haven’t been specifically optimized to be ordered around.

As a result, you may be surprised once you realize how much more convenient it is to control mundane tasks like texting, jotting down reminders, and cross-referencing dates.with your voice instead of just having your hands follow your inner voice, so to speak. Granted, voice-enabled user interfaces are a pretty ancient concept by now, technologically speaking.

But that doesn’t mean anyone got them right in the past. Well, OK, Samsung probably did, or at least came as close as Google did right now several years sooner. Believe it or not, we are talking about the infamous Bixby asisstant which is notorious for not being that great of an AI.

But it is actually an amazing conduit for your verbal commands, so long as those aren’t intended to achieve anything more complicated than pressing a few corners of your smartphone screen.

Either way, the equivalent to Bixby, but with an even greater, AI-infused potential to improve, is now gradually making its way to every contemporary Android smartphone, tablet, and even (Wear OS) smartwatch on the planet.

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