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Latest GoPro Filmmaking Light Is So Omnipotent It’s Called Zeus

A product named after an ancient deity, one meant to rule every other ancient deity, at that, certainly does not lack in confidence or subtlety. Which is kind of par for the course whenever GoPro is concerned, for better or worse. Though, to be frank, this newly unveiled product, announced by GoPro earlier today, at least appears to be a decently priced offering catering to a wide variety of filmmakers.

Naturally, with a special focus being given to extreme sports photographers, videographers, and other such adrenaline junkies because that is what this brand is all about. And while extreme biking and similar activities are hardly scenarios in which you can afford to play with lighting to a significant extent, the Zeus Mini is hoping to change that.

Between its magnetic swivel clip capable of attaching to stuff that is hopefully securely attached to a given camera person, support for the signature GoPro Light Mod, hands-free operation support, and certified resistance to the elements, this product promises to be the best possible camera light you could take biking in the mountains.

Disclaimer: we are still not entirely convinced doing so is a good idea in the first place, but GoPro’s gonna GoPro – less it goes broke, no?

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