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Best Buy Prematurely Reveals DJI Mini 2 U.S. Release Date

In what appears to be another example of a retail listing gaffe, Best Buy appears to have revealed the U.S. release date for the much-anticipated DJI Mini 2 drone, a device that promises to offer a rather praiseworthy combination of form, function, and pricing.

According to a fresh pair of reports citing carefree Best Buy employees who are just trying to enjoy life and offer a stellar customer service in the process of doing so, the DJI Mini 2 is pegged to hit the United States next week. That fateful day is said to be the 4th of November, which falls on next Wednesday.

So, here you go: that is the all-but-guaranteed release date of the next mainstream remote aircraft from the industry’s long-term leader. The Chinese company has been mum on the subject of a new Mini drone being in the works, but given the amount of pretty official-looking press renders and screenshots of email correspondances with multiple super-forthcoming Best Buy reps, even if the DJI Mini 2 doesn’t end up launching next week, its official unveiling certainly appears to be imminent.

Which is understandable as despite the likely logistical issues DJI has been dealing with throughout 2020, much like every other consumer tech company on the planet, not putting out an attention-grabbing product in time for the shopping-intensive holiday season in the world’s largest market for premium gadgets – the U.S. – would constitute a pretty devastating end to the calendar year.

And that is really saying something this time around, so we have no doubt that DJI will do everything it can to launch the Mini 2 in the U.S. ASAP.

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