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Dell G5 15 Embraces Most Powerful AMD CPU To Date

Dell had enough of waiting around this year and is now jumping on board of the latest hype train originating from AMD’s Santa Clara HQ. If that does not make sense, we are talking about the Ryzen 9 4900H, AMD’s latest flagship processor based on the company’s proprietary Zen 2 architecture, also known by its French-sounding codename “Renoir.”

Announced back in Spring, AMD’s latest CPU line hasn’t been making that many adoption waves ever since, but not due to a lack of awesomeness. Instead, the ongoing economic instability hit premium electronics supply chains harder than most, leaving the American processor manufacturer without as many orders as it would have won in a regular year.

Here to alleviate some of those issues is the Dell G5 15 Special Edition, a newly launched family of gaming laptops equipped with the very same pioneering CPU that has been devouring pretty much the entire Intel 2020 lineup, including cloud-oriented scientific microprocessors.

And if paying north of $1,300 for a laptop isn’t on your holiday to-do list, you will be pleased to know that this newly introduced lineup also offers more affordable configurations equipped with only slightly less imposing Ryzen 9 4600H and 4800H CPUs. The entire Dell G5 15 Special Edition range will be available to buy across the U.S. by the end of the week, starting at $879.99.

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