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Meet Canon EOS M50 Mark II, YouTube’s New Favorite Camera

The EOS M50 Mark II may be a lot of things, but insecure definitely isn’t one of them. Because Canon’s newest mirrorless camera is unapologetically obsessed with catering to the needs of a modern YouTube creator.

Luckily for the Japanese imaging giant, there is no shortage of those folks in this day and age. And much like the original EOS M50, this gadget offers an extremely affordable entry point into the world of enthusiast photography that won’t take long to show you why exactly does a dedicated camera make sense over just using a smartphone.

Starting at $599.99 for just the body or $699.99 for a combo with an ordinary EF-M 15-45mm zoom kit (which you should probably avoid, to be honest, even if only to purchase a used 50mm f/1.4), the EOS M50 Mark II both looks and acts the part. Which is to be a reliable partner to an up-and-coming content creator or anyone dreaming of becoming one, which can be a crucial first step toward stardom.

And whenever you feel like you have graduated from Canon’s EF-M mount, both the EOS M50 Mk2 and all of its native lenses should retain enough value to give you a nice boost while you’re getting into the real-real thing, even if the next step happens to be in the direction of full-frame DSLRs, which some might argue are a sidegrade by now.

Either way, expect this promising shooter to release in the United States in late November.

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