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New Canon AI Cameras Are So Sensitive To Light That We Suspect Alcoholism

Canon’s latest mirrorless flagship that costs nearly $4,000 – the EOS R5 – has a maximum native ISO sensitvity of 51,200. Not bad, right? Well, depending on your point of reference, as illustrated by the company’s newly announced range of artificial intelligence cameras optimized for recording footage in the absolute worst of all photography scenarios – those devoid of any significantly sizable light sources.

Enter the Canon ML-100 and the Canon ML-105 which aim to quite literally test the limits of physics with their ultra-sensitive CMOS sensors offering a bafflingly high level of sensitivity to light amounting to ISO 4,500,000. These impressive models, each available in configurations for two of Canon’s mounts for a total of four possible combinations, leverage machine learning algorithms with extremely photon-sensitive sensor cores in order to raise the bar in log-light photography.

Well, in a general sense of that word, mind you, as this kind of specialized hardware is naturally intended for industrial use alongside thermal imaging equipment and similar tech your average photography enthusiasts probably can’t afford while still maintaining ownership over any other property.

As such, it is no wonder that Canon isn’t publicizing any specific price tags to go alongside this military-grade equipment.

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