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Apple enlists TSMC’s help in latest AR push

Apple and TSMC are working on ultra-advanced displays which the tech giant is supposedly planning to use in its forthcoming AR devices.

Why is Apple interested in AR devices?

The unknown source informed the world today of Apple’s newest tech venture. The tech giant started collaborating with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. in an attempt to develop ultra-advanced display technology in Taiwan. Micro OLED displays, embedded in chip wafers, are no news in the tech world, Samsung Electronics is the main leader in this field, but it’s also Apple’s major competitor in the smartphone sector in the US. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Apple is trying to build its own prototype with its main chip supplier, TSMC. Micro OLED displays are slimmer and tinier than the ones previously used. They use less power and that makes them an appropriate choice for the AR devices (such as AR and VR glasses, but also for the other consumer products), which present the future growth potential goal for the company that earned its’ spot in the market filled with iPhone, Macs, AirPods, and Apple Watches.

Apple is also said to look more into the micro-LED technology – it has smaller components and doesn’t need the backlight modules. As a result, displays are thinner and have high contrast. And more and more companies are working on the development of this technology as well.