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AMD Surpasses Own 2014 Pledge To Make 25x Faster Laptop Chips

Six years ago, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) publicly pledged to spearhead the next major evolution in mobile processing, stating that it will improve mobile CPU speeds by a factor of 25 come 2020.

Six years later, the company not only delivered on that promise but actually surpassed it by a considerable margin, with its latest Ryzen 7 4800H CPU outperforming the original baseline approximately 31.7 times, as per AMD’s laboratory testing. Which still leaves plenty of wiggle room for this promise to have also been fulfilled in real-world usage scenarios. Most notably gaming, one of AMD’s core focus points since forever.

As expected, this achievement is largely based on AMD’s no-compromise commitment to techonological integration instead of a bling pursuit of clock speeds or some other arbitrary metric. This state of affairs is reflected in the fact that every new generation of AMD CPUIs isn’t just faster and more powerful, overall, but also significantly more energy-efficient.

Of course, it bears reminding that this R&D strategy is hardly unique to AMD.; its long-time rival, Intel, has been practicing pretty much the same philosophy since it became a serious player in the silicon industry. If anythiong, it would be impressive to consistently move to tinier process nodes without delivering both efficiency and processing prowess improvements.

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