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Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom In Development For Apple’s New M1 Mac CPUs

Adobe is already in the process of porting arguably its two biggest commercial software staples – Photoshop and Lightroom – to Apple’s newly launched M1 CPUs, i.e. Macs utilizing the said silicon. That is the gist of what the Cupertino company and its partners at Adobe announced earlier today.

The right data and proper benchmarks are still missing

This news should alleviate some recent concerns about the first-generation M1 processors which Apple itself prompted by avoiding in-depth disclosures of technical information. The partial specs sheets available right now are not nearly enough to paint the entire picture about the M1 family as individual metrics such as per-core operating frequencies and process nodes are not suitable for comparing entirely different CPU architectures.

The confusion was even greater once Apple announced it will be prioritizing the lowest-end Mac configurations with its initial M1 production run.

Today’s announcement from Adobe at the very least confirms these chips will be able to hold their own when tasked with tackling professiona─Ź photography workflows.

Modern video editing software may not be in the same boat, however. Adobe’s first M1 port is scheduled to hit the Mac Store at some point next month. The app in question is Lightroom, whereas Photoshop is currently planned to make its own M1 jump in the first quarter of 2021.

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